Discover the top 10 Homes in São Paulo

Living abroad is not always easy: Leaving his loved ones, facing a foreign administration,… But it is also an exciting adventure to discover a new language, culture, lifestyle,….
If you chose to travel with Oasis Collections/Sampa Housing, you can be assured they’ll provide you a great Home and infallible support and advice for every doubt you may have. To start off on the right foot, discover a selection of the top 10 Homes in São Paulo.
Every Home has a particular atmosphere and we want to make sure you’ll pick the one that suits you better.




This apartment offers a funky and trendy decoration, a wide collection of books and pop art pieces. It makes this property so unique and fun. Also, it is ideally located in Itaim Bibi, a neighbourhood with an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, shopping and nightlife.


Lisboa Chic

lisboa chic

Located in Jardins one of the best locations of SP, this spacious and well decorated apartment is great for intimate events and entertainment. It offers plenty of space to work as well, since the property has 2 home offices.


Urban Style

urban style

This 2 bedroom apartment is full of personality, colors and vintage souvenirs mixed with contemporary features. Just the perfect match for those who want to stay in style.


Pinheiros Araujo


This apartment has a peaceful vibe. You can almost feel like you’re enjoying a beach retreat. You’ll have a great view of the city, while enjoying a drink in the patio.


Vila Nova Upscale casa da maravilha

vila nova

The minimalist contemporary decoration and the floor to ceiling windows create an elegant atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a 5 star hotel, with all the convenience and privacy of a home.


Boutique Lins

boutique lins

If you want to relax and have at your convenience a wide collection of fashion and design books, Boutique Lins is the right place for you. This 200 square meter apartment will make you feel well thanks to the beautiful indoor greenery that contrasts with the concrete jungle out there.


Jardins Art

jardin srt

An “art gallery” is the best way to describe Jardins Art. Each corner of this property is carefully decorated with art pieces, collection items and stylish furniture.


Vila Madalena Mosaico


The flower panel combined to the blue shades of the kitchen are just the perfect match. The boho chic vibe of this apartment, reflects the spirit of Vila Madalena: a young and cool neighborhood of SP.


Jardins São Paulo Loft


The floor to ceiling windows are the best features of this loft. The lighting and view are just amazing! The neutral colors, wood floor and greenery create a peaceful atmosphere, contrasting to the busy life of a big city.


Petit Chateau

petit chateau

This property will take you to the France of Louis XV! You’ll have at your service a mini castle equipped with the very best. Perfect for those seeking comfort and a luxury stay.

Don’t hesitate to visit the website if you don’t find your perfect match in this list. We will be happy to propose you a range of different Homes so that you can find exactly what you like.

The perks of traveling with Oasis Collections

Choosing to travel with Oasis Collections is more than picking up an accommodation. The main goal of the company is to make you feel like Home wherever you are. As a Guest of Oasis, you can enjoy a range of different perks and curated city guide for each destination.
The perks are specially selected by the destination managers. It can go from VIP treatment in Shopping centers to complementary Champagne in restaurants or personalised visits in museums. Whatever you fancy, Oasis will have something to offer you. Discover below a selection of perks detailed for you.


Buenos Aires: The Clubhouse


Ideally located in the chic area of Palermo Soho, the Clubhouse of Buenos Aires is the perfect location to unwind in a relaxing but stimulating atmosphere. The Clubhouse features a lounge, a terrace, two bars, a pool, a luxuriant garden and as well four Guest Rooms, available for booking exclusively through Oasis.The Guests of Oasis Collections have the privilege to be members of this select Clubhouse.


The club brings together people from diverse backgrounds but with the same focus on creative industries. This internationally oriented property is a fabulous hub for individuals mainly interested in arts, media or design industry.


But whatever your interests are, you are assured to spend a good moment at the Clubhouse. It hosts a calendar of events including art exhibits, tastings, talks by opinion leaders, theme parties, brunches, fashion shows or private dinners.


São Paulo: Hotel Unique/Skye Bar and Restaurant


Located next to the Ibirapuera park, the lung of São Paulo and close to the vibrant areas of Itaim Bibi, Avenida Paulista or Vila Olimpia, the Hotel Unique offers a breathtaking experience. The visually stunning architecture, the elegant contemporary atmosphere, the innovative gastronomy and drinks delights every Guest.

unique 2

As a Guest of Oasis Collections, you have the opportunity to book a table at the restaurant of the hostel, the Skye Bar and Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the finest in town. The menu is elaborated by a French Chef, Chef Bassoleil who has a multicultural background. He finds his inspiration in the French traditional cuisine, but as well in the Italian, Japanese or Brazilian gastronomy. Whatever you chose, the dish will surprise you with its elegance, creativity and mix of flavours.


As well, Oasis provides you the access to the wonderful terrace and swimming pool of the Skye Bar. The terrace offers one of the best view of São Paulo. Don’t miss enjoying a drink while admiring the Paulistan skyline, you won’t regret it.


Miami: Green monkey yoga studio


In Miami, the body and the appearance have a great importance. People are getting tattooed, take care of their bodies, work out to get a perfect beach body… Therefore, yoga is a big trend there.


GreenMonkey yoga studio provides classes that will improve your well-being physically as well as mentally. GreenMonkey promotes a positive and an harmonious lifestyle through yoga, Pilates, rehabilitation or meditation. A balanced life helps manage time, stress, relationships and increases productivity and performance.


As an Oasis Guest, you will be offered one complimentary class. Take your chance to experiment this empowering activity.


New York: ArtMUSE


In New York City, the culture and the art occupy a key place and the number of museums is huge. At first, it can be impressive and disconcerting. Which museum to visit? From which time is this paint? Where to find the best contemporary artists?…


Fortunately, the company ArtMUSE is here to help you. They provide personalised art tour in the NY’s best galleries, museums and auctions houses. The tours are conducted by art historians or gallerists to make sure they can answer all your questions about the pieces of art and the monuments. The tours are customised to your interests. If traveling with your family, ArtMUSE can even offer thematic, engaging and fun art tours with props, costumes and art projects.


As a Guest of Oasis Collections, you can have the chance to book in priority one of this highly demanded tour. Don’t miss your opportunity to get more familiar with the NY’s art.


Paris: Printemps


Paris is the capital of glamour and fashion. The city is full of gorgeous department store and luxury boutique, so shopping is inescapable when in Paris.


One of the most beautiful department store is “Printemps”. It is a world leading store for luxury, fashion and beauty. You can find every designer under one roof for your convenience. It goes beyond shopping. It is an untypical experience with exclusive and tailor-made services.


As a Guest of Oasis Collections, you will receive a VIP card at your check-in and you’ll have the advantage of a personal shopper to help you find your way in the different brands and stores present at “Printemps”.

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Winter wonderland in New York City: Live the charms of the Christmas Season in the Big Apple

The Winter Wonderland of New York City is a thing to experience at least once in a lifetime.The Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving with the lightning of the famous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center and last till the end of December. In this season, life feels like suspended in time, the city is carpeted with snow, the sun shines in an electric blue skies and the cold dry air smells like Christmas. Let yourself go with the magical delights of The Big Apple…

…But don’t miss…

…The Rockefeller Christmas tree

Every Christmas movie that is taking place in NY has one thing in common: a visit to the Rockefeller Christmas tree. It is a must of the Holidays season in the big apple! Take a walk on the Fifth avenue (from 39th to 59th) and admire the decorated and lit-up windows. Your walk will take you to the resplendent Rockefeller place where stand the famous and so coveted Christmas tree.


…The ice-skating rinks

After you’ve admired the tree and taken all the pictures necessary, put on a pair of ice-skate and hit the rink that lays on the Rockefeller place. Traveling in duo? Don’t forget to relive some scenery of “When Harry met Sally” or “Serendipity”. Traveling solo? Enjoy the magical love floating in the air. You will feel like living in a romantic comedy. Check out the best ice-rings here


…The markets

To put you in the Christmas mood, stroll through the different markets that take place in NY. You will find unique presents for your loved ones, like handicraft from around the world or delicious food. Special mention to the Winter Village at Bryant Park who looks magical with all the little glass house who surrounded the icing-ring. Find the best markets here


…The Cafés of the Upper East Side

After all that walking in the cold winter of NY, treat yourself with a hot chocolate and a viennoiserie in one of the multiple Café in the Upper East Side. Special mention to the apple pie from the Café Sabarsky.


… The fireplace bars

Enjoy a cosy evening and a glass of wine in one of the multiple bar of NY. You may like the “Black Moutain Wine House”. Its fireplace and its wine list will eradicate any chill left in your body. Fancy another atmosphere? Find the perfect spot for you here


…New Years Eve

If you’re lucky enough to stay till the New Years Eve, head up to Time Square for the most famous countdown of the world. When the ball drops, a new year will be ongoing. Looking for something less conventional? Check out this website for more ideas: New Years Eve


For more infos, check this link
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São Paulo seen by a foreigner: “My love/hate relationship with the city”

Living in São Paulo as a foreigner is like living a love/hate relationship. The city is impressively big and vibrant. Despite its beauties, some parts are messier and can give you headaches. Therefore, working or doing an internship in São Paulo does not come without its challenges. Let me share with you the 5 most challenging and surprising situations that I experienced as a “gringa” in São Paulo.


The traffic


The traffic in São Paulo is crazy! It even has the honour to figure in the top ten of the cities with the worst traffic jams. The roads are always crowded and the drivers hit their horns way too much. But this is what you get when living in a city that has around 11 million inhabitants.

Fortunately, you can choose other ways of transportation to move around the city. You can take the metro, which is quite good when you avoid rush hours. Also, you can choose to ride a bike, which I personally love since I am Dutch. But make sure that your bike has enough gears and some good breaks because the steep roads are an endless roller-coaster.


The weather


When packing your suitcase, make sure that you bring clothes for every type of weather. In the short period of time that I have been here, the climate has changed so many times. In one day, it can go from a sunny 30 degrees to a rainy 20 degrees.

When it rains in São Paulo, it is heavy and it creates a haunting picture of the city. There can be really bad storms that lead to power failures and fallen trees. So be careful where you walk during and after a storm! But pack your sunglasses as well to enjoy the sunny days.


The multiculturalism


Despite my blond hair, I don’t feel like a foreigner in São Paulo. The city is very internationally oriented and you see a lot of different cultures and appearances. So everyone fits in and nobody feels like a foreigner.

For example, you can get all different kind of food such as sushi, pizza or Arabic food, and when you go to nightclubs, you can get loose at all kinds of music, like Rock, Brazilian Funk and Salsa.

When moving to São Paulo, the culture shock is minimal but make sure you learn a bit of Portuguese before going, because only a few speak English!


The art and culture


You have to love São Paulo for its artistic vibe. First, street art is a big thing here. There is a huge amount of beautiful graffitis around the city. Just walk around or visit Beco do Batman to enjoy some amazing graffiti.

As well, be prepared to dance, because Brazilians dance everywhere and their moves are good. Whether you go to a small bar or to a food truck market on Paulista Avenue, you will find people moving on Brazilian rhythms.

You will realize as well that Paulistanos love tattoo´s. They come in different sizes and colors, but they are everywhere. Body art and appearances have a lot of importance here.

Finally, there are a lot of events and museums where you can experience the Brazilians vision of art. To see the upcoming events, please check this link.


The relaxed attitude


The people in São Paulo are relaxed. They don’t mind waiting or standing in lines and they won’t work any faster because you don’t like waiting. Since you are a visitor in their country, just try to accept and adjust to this relaxed vibes.

But, in terms of sport, the Paulistanos are the opposite, since they are super active. In the evening, you see a lot of runners and small workout groups in Ibirapuera Parque. On Sundays, when Paulista Avenue is closed for cars, it seems that the whole city is there to ride bikes, walk, dance or roller blade. The city has it all!


As you can read, São Paulo is definitely a city you need to learn how to love. But with a little bit of help from the Paulistanos, you will definitely find your way in São Paulo. And the most important thing of all: Enjoy your stay!


Amy from The Netherlands

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Spend the Holiday Season in São Paulo, there is more to do than you imagine

Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time to turn our mind toward Christmas and New Year Eve. Instead of spending the Holiday season on a crowded beach, think about enjoying this time in São Paulo. There is a lot happening here as well. We selected a few events to keep you waiting till the end of December and as well, we have some Inside tips on how to Celebrate in the city. Let us guide you through the end of the year!


Ice Cream Festival at the Memorial of América Latina


Nothing is better than a refreshing ice cream in Summer. All your ice cream craves will be satisfied at this food festival. You will find deserts going from Banana-Split, paletas Mexicana or Gelati Italiani. If you have food-intolerance, don’t worry, you can find vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free deserts. A lot of food truck, jewellery, clothes and art-craft stalls will be present to entertain the few who doesn’t like ice-cream.

The “5th Festival do Sorvete no Memorial da América Latina” will take place week-end of the 10-11 of December between 10am and 9pm at the Memorial of Latin America (Barra Funda).


32th Bienal de São Paulo – Incerteza Viva

This exposition is a combination of 81 projects from artists coming from 33 different countries. As the name says, the exposition wants to make you reflect on the uncertain conditions of life. The Contemporary art tries to offer you strategies to accept and dwell in this world.
This expo explores different way to live in unknown ecosystems, cosmos without beginning or end, with the extinction of the species, the myths and the customs.

It takes place at the Ibirapuera Park (Pavilhão da Bienal – Portão 3) till the 11th of December. Closed on Monday. Click here to see the daily program.


Festival Árabe de Rua no Centro


Take a weekend to make a journey in the Middle-East countries. The Arabic festival presents more than 100 stalls displaying typical handcraft and accessories, clothes, calligraphy, henna tattoos and obviously, typical food. Try the best falafel, esfihas, tabule or kebab from the city. The festival also have presentations of typical dance and music.

The “Festival Árabe de Rua no Centro” will take place every Saturday and Sunday till the 18th of December from 10am to 8pm in the Centre (Avenida Mercúrio).


A mulher na Revolução de 32 – MIS


Let yourself tempted by a little bit of culture before enjoying the Christmas festivities. At the museum of Image and Sound, you will find an interesting exposition about the women in the Revolution of 1932. Original pictures, audio archives and letters will help the public understand the day by day life of the women fighting against the government of Getúlio Vargas.

Find this exposition at the “Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS” (Jardim Europa) till the 30th of December. Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 12pm to 9pm; Sundays and Holidays, from 11am to 8pm; Closed on Mondays.


With all this occupations, Christmas will arrive before you even realise it. Hopefully, we have it all planned for you. Follow our tips to enjoy the Christmas season in the city.


Decoration in the major malls


São Paulo really does put some effort when it comes to Christmas decorations. The best ones are Shopping Higienópolis, Shopping Pátio Paulista and JK Iguatemi. They also have attractions for the children, have a look at them while crossing items of your Christmas list!


Christmas lights at Ibirapuera Park

Every year they set up a lightning show around the park. It usually lasts around 25min, impressing both locals and tourists. Check the schedule here and don’t miss it!


Fireworks on Paulista Avenue at NYE


This is a classic one! Great way to meet local people while watching the amazing fireworks that can be seen from any spot in the avenue!


NYE at Skye Bar

With one of the best views of the city, the Skye Bar, located at the rooftop of the Unique Hotel offers an exquisite evening full of elegant people and delicious drinks. But hurry up and make your booking, there are limited seats!


NYE ar Terraço Itália

Another great view from the city, Terraço Itália is renowned for its amazing food and elegance. Also good for meeting new people while enjoying its wonderful view and vibrant vibes.


Sampa housing and Oasis Collections wish you all a great end of the year!
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Find the perfect beach to escape the city this summer

Surviving the summer in the city is hard. Fortunately, São Paulo is located close to the coasts of the beautiful Atlantic ocean. We selected the perfect beaches for you to escape the urban heat for a day or a weekend. Either located on the south littoral, close to Guarujá or on the north littoral in the area of São Sebastião, there is a beach for every need. Follow our guide to find the one that suits you the best and head up to one of this little paradise for a refreshing day!


Guarujá, is only at 1h30 hours drive away from São Paulo and offers a great diversity of beaches:


  • Praia do Tombo

If you like animated beaches where people play volleyball and the kids run and laugh out loud, chose Praia do Tombo. It is located around 4km away from the center of Guarujá. The praia do Tombo is one of the cleanest and whitest beach from the south littoral. It’s a perfect location for families and young people looking for a fun and exciting day at the beach. Nevertheless, while bathing there, stay vigilant because the waves are strong and irregular.



  • Guaiúba

The idea of a relaxing moment in a peaceful atmosphere is appealing to you, then head up to Guaiúba. It is located near Praia do Tombo. The beach is smaller and is a great location for couples or people looking for a serene day. The beach is protected by two hills and is shaped like an half moon. It creates a little bay with calm water where you can chill for hours.


  • São Pedro

The best is yet to come. Guarujá has a secret beach; but luckily enough we will reveal the name of this little paradise to you. The beach of São Pedro is located in the north side of Guarujá. It is better to arrive early to secure a spot on the beach. To ensure a quality time, it is not possible to access the beach when it gets too crowded. But waking up early to reach this crystal clear water is definitely worth it.

sao pedro


If you want to discover the littoral north, drive in direction of São Sebastião and stop on the way to explore some beautiful virgin and hidden beaches of the coast.

  • Juqueí

On one side, the ocean, on the other, the mountains and the result: a breathtaking vision of nature. Juqueí is the perfect location for an opulent day. The atmosphere is quiet and luxuriant. More than an extraordinary view, Juqueí provides all the services you could need. After a relaxing day on the beach, walk on the Avenida Mãe Bernarda to find a delicious restaurant to enjoy great food and good wine.


  • Maresias

For a younger and more festive atmosphere head up to Maresias. Even though it is located next to Juqueí, it is complicated to reach. Get ready to make some turns and some ups and downs, but the waves of this beach are worth it. It is a famous location young people who want to enjoy their holidays to the fullest and in contact with nature.


  • Barra do Una

If you really want to escape the city, then the beach Barra do Una is perfect for you. Barra do Una is located in a lush nature. Stroll along the Una river to reach the sweet waves of the ocean. The nature will make you lose the notion of time and forget about your urban preoccupations.
Enjoy this summer! Visit this website to discover more beautiful beaches (Portuguese)
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Neighborhood of the week: Itaim Bibi


Itaim Bibi

Itaim Bibi is a very popular neighborhood with middle to high class apartments. It´s famous for its huge variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife venues. During the day Itaim is a busy corporate center.

The origins of this neighborhood lie with the Couto de Magalhães family. In 1986 General José Vieira Couto Magalhães bought a farm of 120 acres in this area. The indians called the area Itahy, which means little stone in Tupi. In reference to the little pebble stones found in the rivers closeby. Bibi was the nickname of Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Júnior, one of the land owners and relatives of General José Vieira.

In the beginning, the grounds weren´t really valuable, because they were far from the city center and the area frequently flooded. It was only in the 1970s with the canalization of the rivers and contruction of the Avenues Juscelino Kubitschek and Faria Lima that the area started to get popular.

It gradually transformed from a traditional neighborhood into a metropole center. Now Itaim Bibi is full of corporate buildings and residential housing.

Neighborhood of the week: Alphaville

Alphaville is a neighborhood of the city Barueri, 23km from São Paulo city. Alphaville is a gated community development with residential and commercial buildings and spacious houses.

The Alphavile concept was created in the 1970s by a building company called Albuquerque & Takaoka. It was a response to the increasing crime rates, traffic jams and other urban problems of São Paulo. The building company bought huge areas of farm land in the counties of Barueri and Santana do Parnaíba, where they constructed luxury residential condominia and industrial developments. Then the Castelo Branco Highway was constructed, to have fast and easy access from São Paulo downtown to Alphaville.

Now Alphaville has 33 gated areas,  50.000 residents, 2300 businesses, more than 11 schools and universities and a daily movement of 150.000 people. It has its own security service and public spaces. Many people choose to live in Alphaville because of the arborized streets and peaceful way of living.

Residential Alphaville

Residential Alphaville


Sources: Encontra SP ; Wikipedia 

Neigborhood of the week: Vila Olímpia

Vila Olímpia is one of the more expensive neighborhoods of São Paulo.

Vila Olimpia - Avenida Funchal

Avenida Funchal

It is known as the Brazilian Sillicon Valley, because the all the technology companies have a branch in this neighborhood, companies like Google, Yahoo, Intel, Symantec, Microsoft, etc..

Vila Olímpia is also very known for its bustling nightlife. You will find the most famous nightclubs of São Paulo here, the mayority of which plays electronical music.

People living in Vila Olimpia are middle to high class. There are many foreign expats living here as well, because of the vicinity of the International companies here or in the bordering neighborhood of Berrini.

The mayority of the buildings here are new and have several facilities to offer, like swimming pool, gym, sauna, etc…

One of the main attractions of Vila Olímpia is the E-tower, the 5th highest building of São Paulo.

Source: Encontra Vila Olimpia

Neighborhood of the week: Jardins

Jardins is one of the most upscale neighborhoods of São Paulo. It is situated between the Ibirapuera Park and Avenida Paulista, bordered by Avenida Rebouças and Avenida Nove de Julho. The biggest part of this neighborhood is residential, except for the part between Avenida Paulista, Nove de Julho, Avenida Brasil and Rebouças, nicknamed little Manhattan.

The streets of Jardins are very peaceful to walk in. There are a lot of trees, which makes it a refreshing place to take a stroll in.

Rua Augusta goes through the heart of Jardins and is also an great place to go out, because of the large variety of excellent restaurants and trendy bars. Where Rua Augusta meets Rua Oscar Freire you will find the prime shopping area with all the famous designer stores.

Jardins is a neighborhood populated by the middle to high social classes and by many foreigners working in São Paulo. The maiority of the apartments and houses are from the 20th century, but new apartment blocks are being build here as well.

So you can find almost anything in this neighborhood going from designer shoes to farmer´s markets in the weekends.

Trianon Park - Avenida Paulista

Trianon Park

Jardins Park

Square in Jardins

Street off Paulista Avenue

Little Manhattan

Sources: Frommers São Paulo