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Brooklin is a key business district and an up-and-coming force in São Paulo’s economy. 

Glass skyscrapers and mutlinational corporations tower above Brooklin’s principal avenues, while modern residential buildings, restaurants, and 5-star hotels – the Hyatt and the Hilton – fill in the spaces in between. 

Due to the heavy corporate feel, you’ll have to venture outside of Brooklin for exciting nightlife options.

Brooklin is accessible by train, which connects to the larger metro system and other major areas such as Jardins and Pinheiros.

If you work in the neighborhood, Brooklin is a teriffic place to live. However, rush hour traffic can make coming and going a tiring daily ordeal.

Brooklin at a Glance

  • Income Scale
    Upper Range
  • Appeal
    Business and financial center
  • Downside
    Lack of nightlife
  • Expat Profile
    Business professionals
  • Connected by
    CPTM Train Line: Berrini Station. Bus.

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